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About, my blog about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, is a reflection of my personal style combined with tips and tricks from professionals. The name of my blog is taken from my full name, Lizzy Cachel Teubel. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved going shopping with my mom to find beautiful clothes and accessories. Different fabrics, textures and styles inspired us during our shopping trips. My mom is definitely my muse and has inspired me in so many ways. I have my mom to thank for the eclectic style I have today. I am a sucker for the finest materials and classic styles. If I love something it’s because it appeals to my personal style, and not only because it’s been on the runway or seen in international magazines. My blog is a mix of different styles, always with a personal touch of lizcachel ;-). I hope you all enjoy my blog!

With love, Liz Cachel

Photography by Afagh Morrowatian

Make up artist Ilja Guepin