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Official launch party

One week Anniversary!! Today I've been online one whole week. To tell you all the truth, sometimes my head feels like it’s about to explode. So many ideas, and so much to get used too. It’s important to find my way trough Bloggerland. But I really love sharing all of this with you guys!

Months and months of hard work were put in to creating my blog. And to celebrate all the hard work together with my team, I decided to throw a launch party. So last Saturday the time had finally come. To see everyone who has believed in me and helped me achieve this blog and launch, come together for this important moment was really special. I’m really grateful to have all these people in my life.

I love coming up with ideas! So planning my launch party was really nice, but not a task easily done. Which location, creating invitations, sorting out a guest list, pitching sponsors for the goodie bag, arranging drinks and bites. An endless list of things popping up in my head while arranging all of this. But ideas must be put to pratice!

First off, there is no blog without a website and I am grateful for Fronttaal making themselves available to create this awesome website.

Now it was time for me to make a list of sponsors. Picking a location was easy. Near my home there are two shops I really love, and thankfully they were happy to serve as base camp for my launch. Wendy, the owner of Louen, offers many beautiful brands. Two of my favs are Samsøe & Samsøe and Wendy her own label, Louen the Label. And this season I'm adding the brand Love Stories to that list. Next to Louen you'll find Imagine by Kim. This is the perfect shop to buy the latest trends for an affordable price. Kim offers you: Kimono’s to complete your festival look, crop tops, distressed denim, statement jewelry and floral print dresses. So if you're around Rotterdam, I recommend you to visit both shops; they'll be making a reappearance on this blog soon.

Another sponsor I’m really proud of is Ketel1. They sponsored all the beverages for my launch party. A few weeks before the launch party I visited jenever distillery Nolet in Schiedam. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it’s definitely one of the most impressive companies I’ve ever seen. Together with Barrelproof, Ketel 1 arranged a perfect setting and they served several mixed drinks. A big hit at my launch party and I want to take this opportunity to thank Nolet for sponsoring my party.

What's a party without music? The guys from Harbour Rotterdam definitely hit the beat.

The goodie bag was filled with many more brands and to list them all; August & Teddy, Ibizapeople, Cosmania, Leev, Louen, Imagine by Kim, L’Oréal Paris, De Meiden van De Snor and Illustrations By Sooph. You'll be reading all about them on my Facebook page over the next few weeks.

Finally I would like to give a last BIG special thanks to all my sponsors, family, friends and fellow bloggers who supported me along the way. Thank you so much!

Love, Liz Cachel


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Aaw! Lovely post girl :) Was nice to meet you! See you love xx Frederique from

Thank you fre! Was nice meeting you too.. X

woehoeeeeee goodluck lizzzz! xo

Leuke foto's, het was zeer geslaagd!

Hele leuke foto's :) Liefs irene

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