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SHOEBY! s-you-bie

Last Friday I was invited to the grand opening of Shoeby’s first flagship store in The Hague. It was an exclusive event for bloggers only and hosted by Dutch fashion stylist Fred van Leer. This event was all about exploring this new shopping concept Shoeby’s introducing to their customers.

Shoeby offers their customers a mix of styles, trends and materials for men and women between the age of 20-45. Besides that they have collections for boys and girls at the age of 2-12 years. This concept is a succes story because of the various, trendy collections with good price - quality ratio. Another service they're offering, are the personal shoppers who can serve each customer personally whenever they need advice. But this flagship store is more than just a 750 square feet shop, with four floors and a Barista Cafe. It has it’s own design studio on the third floor, where clothes can be altered by a tailor. Besides that there is also a possibility to laserprint a photo or text to personalize your item. Talking about INNOVATION!!

Shoeby is really taking it to the next level by working with new, young designers right on spot. It’s like this creative platform where these young designers can develop, design and produce there exclusive designs in a way customers never experienced before. There getting a possibility to see what it’s like behind the scenes. And don’t forget the best part of it, you can buy an exclusive design.

Shoeby’s first cooperation is together with dutch fashion designer Esther Dorhout Mees, who has her own couture label ”Dorhout Mees”. She designed seven collections, who were shown at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Esther’s work represents elegant, feminine style with comfort first. Esther designed an exclusive ready-to-wear collection consist of five unique dresses.

These dresses are perfect for the upcoming holidays, just HURRY because they’re limited numbers and only available in the flagship store at the Vlamingstraat 18, The Hague. So chop chop girls, the personal shoppers are waiting for you!

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